Chablé Maroma

Carretera Federal 307 Km 51 Punta Maroma, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

A way of living

Small hidden gem located on one of the most beautiful beach in Riviera Maya where Mexican hospitality is mixed with Mayan culture, tradition and cuisine. Hotel offer lot of privacy on its untouched, serene coastline where you can sink into seclusion of a lavish Villa or just walk moonlit paths canopied by vibrant green foliage.

Inherent to each of the 70 Villas at Chablé Maroma is a sense of harmony. Each villa has a private outdoor terrace and pool where you can let your thoughts drift, replaced by the sounds of birds and gently rustling palm fronds. Nature is a central focus, as is the feeling of closeness to Mexican artisanal traditions.

The cuisine at Chablé Maroma reflects Mexico’s mastery of ingredients, contrasts, beauty and harmony. Savor artful dishes that celebrate the bounty of the land and sea, prepared with stunning brightness of flavor. Mexico’s rich culinary heritage is on full display, transformed by modern, innovative preparations that look as incredible as they taste.

The thread of wellness that we nurture throughout the Chablé experience intertwines the three expressions of movement in the natural world: purification, balance and transformation. The ocean centers us. It connects all life. Our spa experience centers around the ocean as the ultimate energy source, where life is dynamic and ever-changing.

Chablé Maroma is located 12 miles north of Playa del Carmen and drive from Cancun international airport takes about 35 minutes.