Mayan Culture Icons

Mayan Culture Icons Itinerary

Day 1 – Visit Tulum and Coba

During the first day we will visit Tulum, one of the most picturesque Mayan monuments, standing on the edge of a fifteen-meter cliff above the azure Caribbean Sea. We will then move to the archeological zone in Cobá, where you will be able to ascend to the highest pyramid “Nohoch Mul”, which measures 42 meters and is the largest in the state of Yucatan.

We start the first day with a visit to Tulum, which stands on a cliff directly above the azure Caribbean Sea. He used to be a major Mayan trading port, as well as important spiritual and religious center. To this day from here it offers us a charming view of the second largest coral barrier in the world.

After visiting Tulum, we will move to the Cobá pyramid, where we will be able to ascend to the highest pyramid “Nohoch Mul”, which measures 42 meters and is the largest in the state of Yucatan. Further here we will see the largest number of preserved Mayan paths called “Sac Be “.

The interesting thing about Cobá is that its building style and scheme are similar rather Mayan cities in Guatemalan and Honduran lowlands than the magnificent Yucatan monuments. This is a large area where the individual monuments are scattered quite far from each other, which encourages a pleasant walk jungle or bike rental (for a fee).

Then we move to the village of Pisté, where it is located probably the most famous Mexican pyramid of Chichen-Itza. Here we stay in a nice hotel and go to the traditional local dishes such as cochinita pibil or queso relleno.

In the evening, if interested, we can visit spectacular show of light and sound (show de la luz y sonido) inside Chichen Itza (not included). It is about 45 a minute walk inside the illuminated Chichen Itza and followed by a 20-minute show that is projected directly on the Kukulcan Pyramid.

The next morning after breakfast we start with your Mayan Culture Icons to Chichen Itza.

Day 2 – Chichen Itza, Cenote Samula and Tequila Factory

Chichén Itzá is the most famous, best renovated and the most visited Mayan Culture Icons. This city is registered on the UNESCO list and is one of the 7 modern wonders of the world. We will see here the famous pyramid of Kukulkána (El Castillo), Temple of the Warriors (Templo de los Guerreros), Caracol or Mayan Observatory, “Poc-ta-Poc” ball court (Juego de Pelota) and Cenote Sagrado were not sacred cenotes, who witnessed human sacrifice.

Then we go to cool down to the cenote of Samula, which is natural limestone cave with a crystal clear pond and turquoise with water. Swimming in refreshing water is an amazing experience. Subsequently, as a bonus, we will also visit a tequila with an explanation and a tasting of tequila and the trip will end with a short stop in the colonial town of Valladolid.

Return to the beach hotel in the evening after your Mayan Culture Icons.

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